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Starting from Comic #196: 9/2/17
The snow has melted and we're back to normality. Funny how both snow day stories have ended with one of the girls hospitalised, huh?

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That's one slippery step!
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I've heard of back-handed compliments before, but never a broken-armed one!
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And we're back! Again! Sorry for the unplanned hiatus. Truth be told, I got a bad cold a few weeks ago that took the comic making desire right out of me, then I procrasinated around bringing it back once I felt better. Sorry again, but we're here now.

I've got some important new information to share, as well. From now on, the comic is changing from a once-a-day update schedule to a twice-a-week one, every Tuesday and Thursday. That means there will be a lot less Ladies-in-Waiting now and I'm sorry about that; but I've recently found it difficult to keep up with the schedule, so reducing it like this seemed the best thing to do. Better less strips than growing pressure eventually leading to no strips, I figured.

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Good to see you back, and twice a week is plenty
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Blimey, this is the 200th strip. Thank you to anyone who's read even a single one of them!
News! Yesterday, I brought back Toki no Tanaka, my other old webcomic (actually even older than this one) and you can check it out at this address: tokinotanaka.thecomicseries.com

Hopefully, you like both!