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Interlude 2: The Highly Dangerous Path to Lord Orthridge's Castle
Scenes from the Library (AGAIN)


Starting from Comic #180: Scenes from the Library (AGAIN)
Scenes from the Library (AGAIN)
SO! (If anyone even notices anymore!) I started this puppy and then my account was lost because (insert long story) and I spent a year trying to get it back from Webtoon, and they couldn't/wouldn't/didn't, so then I lost steam.

NOW... I've redone it with a new account and here it is: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/scenes-from-the-library-real/list?title_no=362517

And chapter three is almost done. I hope to work more on it somewhat regularly. (I'm in school and work quite a bit to pay for school so not a ton of spare time!) Thanks for checking in, those of you who have <3

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And once again, good to see your avatar on the front page. This Webtoon fellow sounds like trouble.
Wahooo - welcome back!
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