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Little More Than Waitstaff
Comic Strips 05

Little More Than Waitstaff

Starting from Comic #471: 286. Spooky
286. Spooky
As usual, it's late, but it's done. Lol why do I keep coming up with these ideas that require me to draw a bunch of characters and a bunch of background detail stuff? That makes things take three times longer than normal.

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EDIT: Is anyone surprised that I'm running late? No probably not. I went through a crazy schedule change this week and everything is thrown off. I also have a lot of writing to do for class on Monday sooo I don't know if I can get the page done this weekend even.... I'LL TRY... thank you for your patience, I do not deserve it

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You did greattt nevertheless! This page feels like it has so much essence, their tiny pupils really sell it.
I Cry for January
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