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School Lunches

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School Lunches
Being a parent to a strong-willed toddler is a challenge that will test you daily. Be sure to keep your sense of humor. You will need it.
So Akward
Social Media has helped folks keep up with friends and acquaintances you don't see very often. In the moment however it can fail you miserably.
Admin Gigolo
In today's business environment it is important to try to keep a good relationship with most of your coworkers (within reason). However the person that holds your admin privileges my require a little extra effort.
When facing ignorant assumptions and flagrant stereotyping the direct approach is often the most satisfying.
Poor Righteous Teacher
Thanksgiving is a great holiday filled with food, family and fun if you can ignore the imperialist genocide it is based on. Happy Family Food Day!
Reason for the Season
Holiday Traditions are an important part of the season. Some hang lights, some sing carols, and some attempt to free the minds of area mall Santas. Enjoy your traditions and Happy Holidays from LunchTime ComiX!