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Making the Time

Making the Time

Starting from Comic #88: 87 [End!]
87 [End!]
And that's a wrap! Thank you so much for reading--it truly means the world to me!!

Sorry again about how long it took for me to finally get the whole thing up here, but I'm very happy to finally have it all up! Thank you again, and I hope you take care! (And if you checked Making the Time out on its webtoons or its tapas mirror, you may have noticed that the bonus story still has yet to be uploaded--I'll be getting around to that very soon!)

Take care until next time! :D

Reader Comments

I just bumped into this comic from the front page! Right on it's closing page too!
Anyway, I gave it a look through.
And ended up reading the whole thing. I knew an artist once, and I miss them a lot.
Great comic, thanks for taking the time to make this. Or rather thanks for Making the Time for this. hyuk hyuk
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