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Milos from Home

Milos from Home

Starting from Comic #1: Cover
Hi! Welcome to Milos from Home if you're new here, and also if you're not! Fair warning this comic goes through a lot of changes, most noticeably artistically.

Content warnings can be found HERE if you need them, but they're a bit spoilery, fair warning on that. I think I'm not too far outside typical nuzlocke realms but that's my personal opinion

Maybe one day I'll redo the starting chapter or two, there's definitely writing shifts I'd make too, but yeah, hope you guys like it!

Also you can come say hi on discord to me and some other cool PMD comic authors and readers here: https://discord.gg/vT4M2Z9

Reader Comments

Ooh! Pretty new cover!

> Fair warning this comic goes through a lot of changes, most noticeably artistically

In other words, "your Miloage may vary" ^_^
oOOHH!!! Beautiful cover!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
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I love this comic! It's so cute and cool!
I love both of the styles used in this comic! It’s a drastic change, but it comes so naturally for some reason!
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So this seems to follow the new PMD game
I have to start the day to get a hold on my new phone πŸ“± I like eevee
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Milo is a natural!
Tis but a scratch
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I really like the use of the colors, its easier on the eyes than other comics.
this comic is gorgeous aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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beach what.
XD how the Marill just SHOVES the berries into their mouths
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