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Alchemists Collective: Mirror's Omen
Alchemists Collective #0: Mirror's Omen

Alchemists Collective: Mirror's Omen

Starting from Comic #1: Alchemists Collective #0: Mirror's Omen
Alchemists Collective #0: Mirror's Omen
Welcome to the first of many stories of the Alchemists Collective!
This one is story 0, Mirror's Omen.
1- Another Day
Another day passes in port city Yartar, and everyone is closing up shop.
Just so you know, as ever, the first few pages are ROUGH, bare with me. I've been hanging on to these pages for a WHILE.
2- Inspiration
It isn't clear here, because I didn't think to add this a million yrs ago, but our main guy Damakos just opened a potion shop. It's kinda tough living with the ideas in your head and then realizing they're not actually on paper.
3- browsing
Yeah that's not odd! You see all types in the city, right?
4- a fated meeting
I'm not sure why I wanted this to be a single panel page, but there you are! The set up. Incidentally, this comic went thru like 2 working titles before I settled on Mirror's Omen:

"Startup" because Damakos had just started his business,
and "A Fated Meeting" so titled here because of who he's about to encounter.
5- Wares
!! Some dialogue! I realize not many pages have the characters speaking, but it picks up a little later. A lot of it is thoughts, though.