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Multiverse Level Screw-Ups

Multiverse Level Screw-Ups

Starting from Comic #1: Cover
Welp. Here we go.

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really like the sunset
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Prologue Cover

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cool clouds
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Character Q&A announcement
Hi, important announcement, ah, I have made some pretty major revisions to the plot and cast, so this list is partially wrong. I’ll rewrite it when I get all the details hammered out, but it works until then, so…

That’s right, with no interaction with the characters at all, I am inviting y’all to ask questions about them! Ah, whatever. Feel free to comment any questions you have for the characters as we go along, and I’ll post a collection of all the questions at the end of each chapter. If you’re here from Instagram, questions about the stuff posted there are totally valid, but be warned that none of that stuff is canon anymore.

Important character list in case you just wanna ask some stuff (this doesn’t mean minor characters are off limits! Ask whoever you want):
Lory—mc chikorita, has amnesia and no ability to talk so likely won’t be able to answer much
Avi—partner pikachu, slightly hyperactive so will answer anything and everything
Serena—inhabitant of Lory’s brain haunter, doesn’t give a crap about anything so will probably give one word answers at best
Cass—prologue mc mew, sincere but slightly sarcastic. I have no idea what she’ll say, she’s a bit of a wild card
Astra—prologue partner marshadow, reserved and slightly anxious, but extremely laid back, so he’ll be a little awkward
Halla—prologue third guy hoopa, absolutely fricking insane demon thrill seeker. If he tells a horror story, he’s likely speaking from experience
Pepper—lancer eevee, sweet-talking girl who has an extremely shady background she doesn’t like to talk about
Nami—smart girl squirtle, extremely shy and possessing terrible self-esteem, so anything she says will probably be self-deprecating. Don’t call her Sue.
Andrew—alt mc cubone, always calm and collected with a plan, closest thing to a normal conversation you’re likely to get here
There are a couple others, but you’ll meet them later. Have fun, enjoy the comic!

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Dang, already, I haven’t met even a single one of them. Oh well.

Andrew, what’s it like being the closest thing to a straight man?
Lory, what’s it like to be a Chikorita that has the world’s longest neck?
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Prologue p. 1
Aaaaaaaaaand we’re off!

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hello there
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Prologue p. 2
Haha fourth wall break speedrun