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Monster Days

Monster Days

Starting from Comic #1: 001
There are things HAPPENING! Also hi I'm back and actually hoping to keep a schedule with this one :D
Welcome to MONSTER DAYS!(Hope you guys had a good April Fools without much cruelty from people who don't know how to do proper pranks without doing real harm)

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Best not to ask that or you'll find out that soon you're IN hell.

Not necessarily literally (though quite the possibility!), but metaphorically is enough!
“6ix9ine is the goat”
your mom gay (this is so sad can we hit 50 likes)
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Hey I actually managed to make another one!

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Nope nothing unusual to see here carry on.
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Hey I thought I wasn't going to be able to get my comic out this week but guess what I was able to! :D
Heeeey what's up another week! I hope you've enjoyed what you've gotten so far! :D
EDIT: oh... Apparently I messed something up. Here's my author note, days late! |D and this was up at 6:01 or 6:04 or something rather than that morning, whoops

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They're probably all about equally as freaked out right about now!
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Yooooo more comics! I can't believe I've gotten 5 out already O-O
This one is a little different from most! Not just size and shape, but that it has a link now!