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Monster Days

Monster Days

Starting from Comic #19: 018
I decided to change the update schedule to a little later, so people can actually see the comic on the front page of ComicFury, lol. If anyone objects to the difference in time, I'll change it back, because honestly I do need to listen to readership if there are any issues.
Also, ooooh spooky! That one panel was so fun to do c:
reference sheets
Alright, this was originally going to be out yesterday?? But then I decided Sundays are bonus content days. Yeah, there we go.
Oh and that's a doodle of me in the super spoilery section!!
Also, check it out, we've got all the main characters!! Nothing to miss out on, I swear...
I hope you enjoyed last week's redesign notes, now enjoy the comic with a new look for the characters! :D
Also, fun fact, I can't draw food :(
Emma's finally getting food, no one realized how hungry she was, thank you Eli, Jane you stop that don't shame Eli for getting Emma the food she deserves
Also! This is the last weekly comic for the year, congrats on making it! :D Posting will start again in January, and meanwhile, please enjoy a weird holiday comic over on my Patreon this Sunday! (Don't worry, it's the other stuff that you have to pay for XD )
Oh look Kinnari's back
And the comic too!! I hope everyone had a happy new year, and I hope you enjoy a whole new year of comics! :D
Ha ha Kinnari you joker oh wait
Yeah, I'm probably going to keep talking like that until doomsday when it comes to Kinnari
Also! There's a Monster Days Redbubble now! Woo! (Also available on the Support page) Also, if you become a $3 Patron, you can suggest the next series of Monster Days products, and vote at the end of the month on what gets made! :D Excitement!

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Oh, and after this whole rigamaroll of getting this queued, I go through a snowstorm! Ha, I'm glad I got this uploaded before then, I wasn't sure if the power was going to go out or not
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