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Monster Days

Monster Days

Starting from Comic #23: 021
Oh look Kinnari's back
And the comic too!! I hope everyone had a happy new year, and I hope you enjoy a whole new year of comics! :D
Ha ha Kinnari you joker oh wait
Yeah, I'm probably going to keep talking like that until doomsday when it comes to Kinnari
Also! There's a Monster Days Redbubble now! Woo! (Also available on the Support page) Also, if you become a $3 Patron, you can suggest the next series of Monster Days products, and vote at the end of the month on what gets made! :D Excitement!

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Oh, and after this whole rigamaroll of getting this queued, I go through a snowstorm! Ha, I'm glad I got this uploaded before then, I wasn't sure if the power was going to go out or not
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Ooooh cliffhanger!
I got a new pen this week, so I decided to use it for this comic. Several unrelated doodles later, I managed to deplete the pen in two days. Pilot Finaliner's pretty great, though.
Anyway, if you check out the Support page, I've got some really neat custom buttons! Not to mention, there's a poll on my Patreon about t-shirts for the comic, if you want to check that out. :)
Uh Jane whatcha talking about
Hey, sorry about the delay, lack of access to a scanner. :/
Also! New inking techniques!! I learned a lot recently about inking, and it should show in the next storyline :)
Congratulations I didn't have a late comic this week!!
Last week was so rushed, but dangit, I can do this! I can post a comic every week!!
Btw, I have 3 day tickets to Indy Comicon this March!! :D I'm super exited, and looking into printing FREE stickers to pass out there. Possibly magnets. Anyway, if anyone is interested, head over to Patreon for voting and suggestions, free this time because the stickers are free!! Thanks for reading, I'm really hoping to have an awesome time getting this stuff done :D
Oh hey maybe I could make a comic NOT at one in the morning, ha ha.
And hey, the plot is actually moving on! Wow!
I've been reading a bunch of different strips, trying to get some good inspiration on inking, and whitespace is definitely a thing I'm going to work on! :)
And remember, there's a poll on Patreon about what free stuff I'll be giving out at Indy ComiCon! :D
hey, I can't post next week, since I've been sick and haven't been able to build up my buffer, either :( so, if you come back tomorrow, I should have some doodles up in the author blogs for people to appreciate! :D
sorry for the lack of update yesterday, I lost the scripts for the next couple weeks and forgot to post that :( I'll be redrawing those this week, and I should have some extras for you guys next week! :)