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Monster Days

Monster Days

Starting from Comic #28: 026
Oh hey maybe I could make a comic NOT at one in the morning, ha ha.
And hey, the plot is actually moving on! Wow!
I've been reading a bunch of different strips, trying to get some good inspiration on inking, and whitespace is definitely a thing I'm going to work on! :)
And remember, there's a poll on Patreon about what free stuff I'll be giving out at Indy ComiCon! :D
hey, I can't post next week, since I've been sick and haven't been able to build up my buffer, either :( so, if you come back tomorrow, I should have some doodles up in the author blogs for people to appreciate! :D
sorry for the lack of update yesterday, I lost the scripts for the next couple weeks and forgot to post that :( I'll be redrawing those this week, and I should have some extras for you guys next week! :)
I'm finally back!! For the rest of the month!! I'll finish off this first chapter by the end of the month, finally. (Plus, I'll have some bonus content soon! Check my patreon! :D )
Wow, things are heating up!
I wasn't quite sure how Emma was going to greet her dad, but this is definitely the best way I could think of. She's absolutely the kind of person who loves her dad that much, but will not take bs from him, lol.
Also, I need to find a better bg marker. This one is not showing up at all, it took too much adjusting in photoshop to see it at all. :(
Patreon updates again tomorrow! Check it out! :D
I actually finished this one while I was babysitting! I got a little experimental with the pen size, because I have too many Microns, but I think I know what size I need now. :D
As usual, check out Patreon! The behind the scenes tier updates tomorrow with thumbnails of this and the last comic!
Wow, school kept me busy this week! Nearly had to delay the comic O-O
However! I promised updates throughout September, and the comic will update throughout September! :) In fact, my plans are to finally finish off this chapter!! :D
(Now I just have to do that thing lol)

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“fantasy football?”
how to unlock obi wans starfighter on episode 3 for ds
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Sorry about the slight delay on this comic, busy with work :0
Also, check out the new extra links at the top of the page!! It's got more of my content throughout the week! :D
Sorry, no comic first week of October. Got sick and I’ll be so busy tomorrow, I’m not risking that stress.
However! Since it’s inktober plus I’ll be seeing my gf soon, I might have enough energy for a double update next week! :D no promises tho
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