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Monster Days

Monster Days

Starting from Comic #32: 030
Wow, school kept me busy this week! Nearly had to delay the comic O-O
However! I promised updates throughout September, and the comic will update throughout September! :) In fact, my plans are to finally finish off this chapter!! :D
(Now I just have to do that thing lol)

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“fantasy football?”
how to unlock obi wans starfighter on episode 3 for ds
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Sorry about the slight delay on this comic, busy with work :0
Also, check out the new extra links at the top of the page!! It's got more of my content throughout the week! :D
Sorry, no comic first week of October. Got sick and I’ll be so busy tomorrow, I’m not risking that stress.
However! Since it’s inktober plus I’ll be seeing my gf soon, I might have enough energy for a double update next week! :D no promises tho
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