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My Love From Another Planet!

My Love From Another Planet!

Starting from Comic #1: Cover (1)
Cover (1)
Hey all! I'm taking the plunge and starting my comic. No idea what my upload schedule will be yet, sorry! This is my first storyline-based webcomic, and the first real project of mine in years. As such, I worry about making promises I don't know if I can keep. Also, right now I'm testing things out. So I might change the layout of the webpage, for example.

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Ooh, nice cover!
Damn, that's a nice cover!
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Chapter 1 - Page 1
Thanks for all the new subscribers and other folks who've stopped by! Even if you don't subscribe, or even stay for too long, I really appreciate you taking the time to check this story out. It makes me feel good.

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I'm very excited to see where this story is headed!
beginning is a good place to start the story
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Chapter 1 - Page 2
We are BACK! I have my PC again. I'm not promising consistent updates, but I will say I'm going to try to update on Tuesdays only (EST) so if you don't see an update that Tuesday, just assume there's no update that week. I haven't made a webcomic in 15 years (I remember my last webcomic really was in 2006!) So I'm going to be experimenting a lot with this one. I am considering adding color for the next page to see if I can do an okay job with that. I want to push myself a little without going overboard, so we'll see how that goes too.

Thanks to all of you who are reading, commenting, subscribing, or inflating my ego in any other way! I really appreciate it!

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It's him!
YEEEEEEE it's finally back!

I'm really liking the character designs here. The expressions are pretty vibrant and I like the shading.

I'll definitely be staying tuned as I cannot wait to see how the story progresses.

I personally like the black-and-white style. I just switched to black-and-white for my own comic, so monochrome is kinda becoming my thing now as well.

And YES, you should definitely experiment a lot! I strongly encourage experimentation as it allows the creator to discover what works best for them, explore different styles and mediums, and just HAVE FUN doing what they do. Art should be an adventure, and I'm glad you're planning on experimenting.

Anyway, keep going and keep having fun!!
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Chapter 1 - Page 3
I actually did not expect to finish this in time. I had a hard time drawing the page, and just finished the day before it was set to be released! Hello Hector!

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That cat seems shady.
I mean, even in real life cats are pretty quick, so wouldn’t be too surprising to me if one just disappeared. Also, love how the “cat” is blushing.
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Chapter 1 - Page 4
I can't believe I've been this consistent with uploads! I'm glad to be able to share this story with you lovely folks <3

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Aw, this is a cute little interaction. Poor Hector!
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Chapter 1 - Page 5
Thanks for reading <3

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I do love your shoujo style.
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