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My Workplace
Monday 1/25/21

My Workplace

Starting from Comic #1: Monday 1/25/21
Monday 1/25/21
Welcome to My Workplace. Inspired by a lot of crap me and friends have experienced over the years. I will be posting this while working on new pages of Raising Cain. Check that out if you haven't already!
Tuesday 1/26/21
Come on, tell me you haven't had a long list and you feel you have to apologize to everyone waiting behind you! :)
Wednesday 1/27/21
I don't think I ever spilled any coffee, at least like this. I did have that car incident mentioned on Monday.
Thursday 1/28/21
I didn't mention the other day, but I first premiered these in 2008, submitted to every comic syndicate in the US and Canada. This is the first time they've been in color, thanks to the AWESOME Anton polkhovskyi, #antonydrawings
Friday 1/29/21
Elliot's quick thinking may have saved his job!
Saturday 1/30/21
Most people don't realize that daily comic strips tend to have weekly themes. You can see it stand out when you buy those collection books. I carry out that tradition with this strip. Six days a week.

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man, if you're gonna grind out six pages a week, that's impressive

pace yo self!
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