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Ninja Kitteh Vs Shaolin Puppy
Untitled Jeffie Story pg7

Ninja Kitteh Vs Shaolin Puppy

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Untitled Jeffie Story pg7
Something I've noticed on the internets.
People will say, "history is watching", and what they really sound like to me is, "G-d is watching."

Which is a curious thing to say.

The people behaving bad/terrible now, who don't care about others, often likely don't care about themselves too much either.
They're trying to make themselves as comfortable as possible within a life they think is awful, and death which is terrifying to them.

They're not even often considering afterlife in any form.
(people who are often behaving terrible, don't often have long term visions of things.)

So to tell them that history will care, is meaningless.
Unless they really need to appear in some book well after they're dead, they really don't care.

Death has not been the great deterrent our justice systems throughout the centuries have tried to make it out to be.
And more and more people are breaking away from the traditional fear of the afterlife.

make of that what you will.
A secondary thought that comes up each time I watch a dramatic show where the antagonist screams, "you made me do this"
or "my demise is your fault (even though i've chosen the exact mechanisms of my demise etc)"

*deep inhale*

I always go back to Star Trek TNG, season 1, episode 23. The Skin Of Evil.

Armus uses his power to push Data's body around. He laughs saying to the effect of, "you're going to kill them!"

and Data, flat out says, It may be my hand, but you are choosing the actions, you are pushing the buttons.
No matter how this goes, you are the one doing the murder.
(obvious paraphrase there)

My point is... Armus chose the action. Armus chose potential deaths and tortures.

So did The Master (in any version of Doctor Who that he showed up in, but especially his most recent appearances)
So did.... anyone who ever says, "i did all this because of you" muahahhahahaaaa.

Nope. You did you.
and..... that's all. You did you.

It's the rantings of a person who is behaving badly.
Nothing more.
And I wish to high heaven that people would handle it more like Data did.
Or get to talk to a counselor after in order to say, "Why am I still believing this? Why would I hold onto that person's world view, when nothing else of their world view has ever applied to my life, in my life?"

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