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Reasonable Accommodations
Reasonable Accommodations #8


Starting from Comic #118: Reasonable Accommodations #8
Reasonable Accommodations #8

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Aren't zebras more closely related to donkeys then horses?
Missed out a few other Centaur jokes.
"You hear about the doctor who's also a centaur? He's the Centaur of Disease Control."
"There's so many centaur jokes, I decided to branch out and make one about a half-human, half-goat individuals. Alas, it wasn't very fauny."
"I had a dream last night that I was half-man, half-horse. My shrink says I'm just being self centaured."
"Have you herd the one about a group of centaurs?"
"My GF doesn't pay attention to me since I turned into a centaur and she turned into a half-lion, half-eagle. I think I'm being griffin the brush off."
"You hear about the centaur who went overseas? He was a taurist!"
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Reasonable Accommodations #9

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Someone's going to end up with a centaur body with 50+ legs, but on the plus side they'll get their money's worth out of the picture.
Incoming dramatic irony in 3...2...1...
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