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Reasonable Accommodations
Reasonable Accommodations #12


Starting from Comic #122: Reasonable Accommodations #12
Reasonable Accommodations #12
I hope everyone enjoyed the story! We're going to have a guest-drawn comic story that'll run 10 consecutive weeks starting next Monday, then back to Cervelet drawn goodness!

Reader Comments

Saw that coming. Though I'm a bit disappointed it didn't happen to Cary.
Oh hey, I was wondering when Irony was going to cameo in this arc.
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Just Visiting #1
Hello gang! Today begins a special guest artist/gift art story arc for you drawn and scripted by Shieltar! This story is of a floating canon-status, so you're free to interpret it as you will! Please swing by Shiel's gallery to check out more of his work!

Please enjoy the story, we'll be back to Cervelet drawn tales in March!

Reader Comments

I like how the battery is just taped to the side
Floating canon? Well, that's better than a Floating Cannon. It's so hard to control the recoil...
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