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Over the Knife
One: Rush Delivery
Chapter One: Rush Delivery

Over the Knife

Starting from Comic #38: Chapter One: Rush Delivery
Chapter One: Rush Delivery
I'm exercising my creative right to tease Chapter Two by posting the cover to Chapter One. Not to mention laying on some serious punnage...

I'm actually kinda proud of this one, because painting 'realism' isn't really my wheelhouse. But I learned a lot about skintones and that nebulous painterly brushstroke stuff that's always stumped me. The left half-- Rush-- is digital pen and watercolor, so that was pretty natural. The right half-- Arthur-- is rendered in 'oils' out of my gleeful obsession with pulp art. Because without those trashy bygone magazines, gems like this one wouldn't exist:
Image: https://pulpcovers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/3909904622_c8389da076_o-600x793.jpg

Stay tuned, more to come.

Reader Comments

Gotta wonder how that idiot got himself into that situation lol!
Weasels are too cute to pull off that look.

Nice painting, btw — they really look related, and those are some quality eye wrinkles.
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