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Pacifica [Mirror Site]
Finding A Path
Finding - Page 1

Pacifica [Mirror Site]

Starting from Comic #1: Finding - Page 1
Finding - Page 1
Welcome to the mirror site for Pacifica!

Pacifica aims to combine the Pacific northwest landscape, fairy tales, animals, cryptids, philosophy, and a bucket load of other things into a weird west sandbox for stories and comics. I am super excited to share these creations with people and to hear feedback.

This is page one of the first chapter. I hope you'll enjoy it!

PS - You can find the main site at www.pacificacomic.com.
Finding - Page 2
Page 2.

Gavin's journey is beginning. Where will it lead him?
Finding - Page 3
This is one of the pages I'm most pleased with. I feel like I got the atmosphere and look the way I wanted.
Finding - Page 4
Page 4. Gavin tries to "stay positive".
Finding - Page 5
This didn't turn out the way Gavin expected.

You can find more page on Pacifica's main site.
Finding - Page 6
Gavin's not really keen on interacting with other travelers.

If you're enjoying the comic check out my Patreon for larger pages and more content.