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Pacifica [Mirror Site]
Finding A Path
Finding - Page 11

Pacifica [Mirror Site]

Starting from Comic #11: Finding - Page 11
Finding - Page 11
Well, who could this be and why is she in the middle of the forest at night?
Finding - Page 12
Well, this is a surprise. Now what?
Finding - Page 13
Uh oh. This doesn't bode well. I have a feeling this wasn't what Gavin was hoping for.
Finding - Page 14
Ouch. This definitely isn't what Gavin was hoping for.
Finding - Page 15
Well, that makes more sense. It was a dream. Maybe it's better just to stay awake, Gavin.
Finding - Page 16
There's a bit of background detail in this page for sharp eyes. (As well as the last few pages.)