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Pacifica [Mirror Site]
Finding A Path
Finding - Page 21

Pacifica [Mirror Site]

Starting from Comic #21: Finding - Page 21
Finding - Page 21
That was a close call.
Finding - Page 22
The last couple panels are actually inspired by a close call a friend and I had in real life.
Finding - Page 24
And that is the first chapter in my fantasy adventure comic. I hope you've enjoyed it. Page one of the second chapter is currently up on Patreon. Check it out and get larger pages plus other nifty bonuses.

More information about the characters and world can be found at the main site, www.pacificacomic.com.

Inspired by redwood forests and wildlife of the Pacific northwest, Pacifica is a fantasy adventure comic in an 1800s type era that combines mountain men, monsters, and magic. A mismatched group of travelers battles fantastic beasts and internal conflicts.
Birds - Page 1
Here's page one of chapter two! As you can see I've switched over to a different page layout for this chapter. It will allow me to post bigger pages on the main site.
Birds - Page 2
Zephyr and Gale have a disagreement about how to handle Gavin. What is the risk Gale is talking about? Maybe we’ll find out later.

It feels really good to have some actual conversations finally going on.