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Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project
Generation 2

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project

Starting from Comic #263: Glofro/Faupurr
Glofro [Normal] > Faupurr [Normal]

#105 - Glofro are curious Pokemon that can sense small changes in their air with their hair. They are fickle however, so trainers have a hard time keeping them focused.
#106 - Faupurr run at high speeds, purposefully crashing into anything that gets in their way. They fluff up their hair and fur to intimidate foes.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 2
Parents: Boufantler (T,CF) + Glamgoon (T,CF)
See more: PTGigi, Spreadsheet, Tumblr, ComicFury
Design notes: The green turned out okay here. I can imagine they have that color to blend into dry tall grass
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