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Playground - A Cryptida Adventure
Playground Back Cover

Playground - A Cryptida Adventure

Starting from Comic #74: Playground Back Cover
Playground Back Cover
Hey all, thanks a bunch for reading this joint! This is the end! (Click here to read from the beginning!) However, I want to specifically express my appreciation to Microraptor for carrying the pack for 18 months on this project through thick and thin and putting up with my slow responses and persnickety micro-management (ha ha) of many a page. You are outstanding, and I look forward to working with you again!

because Mbuni will return
I have to likewise express my gratitude!

Thank you dear readers, for joining us on this Monaco journey!

And thank you lirvilas, for enabling this journey in the first place!
It has been a true honor working with you, and I too am really looking forward to the next time!
(Also, this back cover is awesome!)
14th February 2022...

Well, this is awkward...

Since this comic was concluded last year, it actually wasn't supposed to participate in the VDSD 2022.
Yet, the link was still in the list.
(Kinda, my fault, I should have spotted this as soon as Shan sent out the first preliminary link list.)

So, for all who arrived here via clicking on the VDSD link, expecting to see some sexy times...

My main comic, Cryptida, does participate this year!
You can find it here, with the link to the sexy times picture clearly marked in the author comment!

Also, I scheduled an old Valentine's Day and Playground-themed pin-up drawn by my co-author lirvilas for today.
You can see it here!

(I swear, while this fits remarkably well, this was pure serendipity!)

And last but not least, below I'll post the usual link list:
Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2022

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Damn I forgot how much I like this “back cover” image.

MR, that was my fault as well with missing this one on the VDSD list. HOWEVER this would be a great time for our new friends to catch up on this completed work! Enjoy!
And just in case anyone found their way to here during VDSD 2023, here's another super sexy picture drawn by lirvilas, showing General Mbuni and his new flame in the post-Playground era! ;-D

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Can I just thank you guys for writing this thing?
This was a great collaboration! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for doing it!
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