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Playground - A Cryptida Adventure
The Diligent Bee

Playground - A Cryptida Adventure

Starting from Comic #7: The Diligent Bee
The Diligent Bee
We actually got a glimpse of Jane Doyle working for Tiny before, back around Christmas time.

Since the events of Childhood's End, Tiny has developed a bit of a dislike for Augustus Alexander. (Quite understandably, I might add.)
The other guy beside him is Dr. Lukas Leibrandt, who could previously be seen as an employee of Maerc Group. (However, since the untimely demise of its founder, said company has been... in a slight state of disarray...)
"that wheelbound Janus"

^best slam on Augustus I've heard in a long while
Stage Presence
It's true, Tiny is quite adept when presenting something on a stage!
(Exhibit A: This Crossover Exchange story! Non-canon? Sure. But it's pretty much in-character for her.)
Drake suggests that this might stem from her ancestry on her father's side...

And what is our dear Lena Santorini up to now...
Bitter Rivals
Here we meet Edward Chapel (CEO of Chapel Enterprises International and the greatest rival of Joseph Drake) and his bodyguard Quentin Harcourt, both already known from Autumn Bay.
Unfortunately I don't know if Drake's twins are canonically really "duplicitous snakes". But firstly, Chapel may be biased against the Drakes in general, and secondly... well, just look at them!

And Chapel's dialogue just ending mid-sentence in the last panel seems a bit weird, right...? ;-)

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Maybe he sees whatever is tripping Jane out...
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In case you were wondering what the "shocking event" in the description on this comic's profile is referring to - well, this here is it!

Many thanks again to my co-author lirvilas for this awesome page!

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I suspect the security detail
Time for some sh*t to hit the fan!
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Post-Explosion Mayhem
Don't forget your shoe, Tiny!

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One never forgets ones first car bomb... someday we’ll look back at this and laugh
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A Visit from the Commissioner
ToyCo's European research facility appeared here for the first time, and Commissioner Sauerbier also cropped up already.

But what is up with what looks like Tiny's burnt and severed head??
Can you guess the explanation for this...? ;-)

(Oh, and if you have been staring at that wall and wondered where the frick Port Victoria is, it is the capital city of Buranda, the main location of Kaza's Mate, Gwenna. Incidentally, something Cryptida-related is currently also going on in this webcomic...)

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Well this just went from harmless terrorism to worrying internet stalker!
IDK why but i love that map brackground
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