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Playground - A Cryptida Adventure
Swimming With The Sharks

Playground - A Cryptida Adventure

Starting from Comic #50: Swimming With The Sharks
Swimming With The Sharks
...and now the sharks get really angry!
But of course they take care not to take any bites out of any of the guest cameo characters... ;-)

The last two panels are essentially the respective in-comic versions of these two pictures - just that we switched around who draws which!
Shark successfully dispatched!
But watch out for those bullets, Selene!

Reader Comments

Mythbusters did a show (S03Ep21) where they demonstrated and studies the effects of water on bullets. Everything from a .22-calibre rim-firing pistol to a .50-calibre sniper rifle.
They found, IIRC, that even large-bore hunting rifle bullets either lose all momentum within a meter of water, or shatter; even .50-calibre ammo shot from a huge sniper rifle didn't fare much better.

If Selene is a metre below the surface, and with the angle of the shots taken into consideration (geometry FTW - Google "sloped tank armour" for an explanation) she should be fine.
Friendly fire can be a real hassle. Here's a link on YouTube validating sigpig's statement.
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Saved by the Koganan
Keep in mind that Lt. Nyegere is one of General Mbuni's loyal minions.
And Selene doesn't appreciate being saved by someone who is basically her arch-enemy...

Furthermore, Nyegere's motives for saving Selene may indeed not be entirely altruistic, for she may hope to fight her herself one day...

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Why am I thinking of Dr. Jones and Belloq, but somehow both friendlier and more deadly?
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