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Starting from Comic #140: DEADLiNE_00
No one wants the truth. True justice eradicates. [Rescue/DX]

This story was my first request! Everyone thank ThatOneSpriterfor hitting me in my weak spot- uchronia stories.

If you read on your phone, the Infinite Scroll View will likely make for a better reading experience.

Warning- If Zaffre was a rough read I recommend skipping this story.* Cancelled, macabre and abuse by authority warning. Please don't make me have to mod my comments and shut down guest comments. While I don't mind some off topic, make sure that you keep it in the constructive theme of worldbuilding in the PMD world.

If you want a fluid reading experience the last page should post at the end of December.

*Feel free to read my other comics if you can tolerate something without Pokémon.

Reader Comments

Nice art. :-)
That alt-text is very intriguing.
Also that cliff looks neat, the monochrome palette is quite eerie.
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mvp Absol just like the game :y
Poor little fire kitty and best viney boy..

That absol though, a trooper.
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Just going to sneak this in.

A take on a classic sprite.

Reader Comments

Is that based off the “hurt” sprite of mystery dungeon?
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“Dialogue Note”
A good deal of the dialogue in this comic is ripped from the games. The script for DX is the exact same as it was in Red/Blue. I'd post the writer credits here but when checking out the list of credits for any of the games none tell who wrote the script.

Due to this, if anyone wants reference to the original scene here's a helpful video.

Reader Comments

Oh man I can already tell this is going to be a gut wrencher
They might be feeling warmer soon alright
That ice is gorgeous by the way.
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Reader Comments

Did you feel that?

That was the sensation of your heart skipping a beat.

You dread that soon...that will be all you'll feel....
Don't you just hate it when someone out for your blood inconveniently teleports in front of you?
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Reader Comments

borzoi! I’m so glad you’re back with more! this comic is stupidly good and I adore both the art and plots so much ahh
The Cyndaquil-burrito is so adorable! Come on, Team ACT, protecc the burrito! No attacc!

And Litten continues with the great reaction-faces to everything.

(But Charizard looks oddly timid in the second panel... and like he's high on something in the last one...)
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