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PMD: A Different Take

PMD: A Different Take

Starting from Comic #1: Title Page
Title Page
Hello and welcome to the beginning of this project I decided to create. I hope you can enjoy it and remember, Please leave your thoughts/advice in the comments. I check comments daily on my comic.(Edit 1): I slightly updated the title page for this comic. Again I hope you can enjoy what I eventually create.
Chapter 1 Title
What adventures could await beyond this point? Well you'll just have to find out.
Chapter 1 Page 1
Something about this seems..... Off....(Edit): Just as a quick note I'm going to put this on hiatus until I can fix some problems with what's going on. I'm sure you can understand that I need a short break from doing art and that includes this comic. I'll keep making art after I fix some personal problems so I'm going to have to do this. I will continue to draw this comic when things get better but that needs to wait.
Chapter 1 Page 2
The comic is back online! It's been a couple day's and things have been getting better around the house. I've fixed most of the problems I had before and I'll get back to doing regular uploads. (Edit):Before I continue drawing this comic I should note that I need more practice in drawing pokemon before I continue which mean's we need another hiatus. I'm sure you understand and remember this is just a project.
Chapter 1 Page 3
Sure is bright out here....
Chapter 1 Page 4
The hiatus is mostly over by now! I'll get back to regular uploads shortly.