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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Alliance
Episode 6: Full Moon Fever
Full Moon Fever - Alliance 6.11-12

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Alliance

Starting from Comic #177: Full Moon Fever - Alliance 6.11-12
Full Moon Fever - Alliance 6.11-12

sike bet yall thought this was gen 6 comic. I've been waiting like 5 years for this reveal.

(no update on Friday this week, this page took too long and I ran out of time, sorry :C )

EDIT: I made this image a bit too small, fixed now!

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man, this page is great
That's a lot to take in at once, Kid hid a lot. It seems like it might be a recurring dream or nightmare of his. Does he want to be sent back out of the dream of out of the world? It looks like he'll have a lot of explaining to do. It's also intriguing how he could have lost Lia.

That page is gorgeous. The psychic energy is beautiful. The shading is pretty, especially on Kid. Lunala has great colours, they're so majestic.
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Full Moon Fever - Alliance 6.13

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Huh, is a page missing? Did the Ninjask push the Eevee? :0c
yesi also think one missiing
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Full Moon Fever - Alliance 6.14

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That's new
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