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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Alliance
Bonus pages!
300 Sub QnA Page 7

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Alliance

Starting from Comic #214: 300 Sub QnA Page 7
300 Sub QnA Page 7
And that is the final page! Thanks for the questions and hopefully they were answered (where possible) to satisfaction. Maybe I'll do this again some other time!

Sorry for not really responding to comments but I've been really busy, and also I will likely have to archive these pages to get them out of the regular reading order of the comic, which may or may not cause the comments to be lost.

PMD:A will (probably) return in late January/ early February

Reader Comments

My favorite section of the Q&A is the wai... fu strangle panel.

hahah fuckin' simp

ps: I love your comic, keep up the work
Thank you for the q&a and responding to my comment om it i appreciate it!!
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