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Greetings & Introductions


Starting from Comic #1: Greetings & Introductions
Greetings & Introductions
The first page of Pokéfinder! Introducing our GM, Adam, and Kevin.

The other comments will be a little more interesting... this comic itself isn't though, so I can't do much.

sfx: CHEERING! (The crowd cheers for a Pokémon battle.)
GM: Adam! Hey! You made it!
Adam: Sorry. We got stuck in traffic.
GM: It's cool. Mindy's running late, too.
sfx: BOING... (Gengar leaps off of Nidorino's head.)
GM: Who's your friend?
Adam: This is Kevin. He's a roleplayer too, so I thought he'd enjoy watching us.
sfx: WHIRR... (Gengar uses Hypnosis on Nidorino.)
sfx: WHOOSH! (The trainer calls back Nidorino.)
Kevin: Nice to meet you.
GM: You too.
GM: Mindy's not going to be here for awhile, so do you want to go ahead and get started?
sfx: WHOOSH! (The trainer sends out Onix.)
Adam: Sure!
The New Trainer
You know, Delia's a really weird mom. She's angry that her 10 year-old son isn't watching his favorite TV show at 11 o' clock at night. Weird...

GM: Okay! Let me see your character sheet.
GM: Ash Ketchum... So you're a new trainer?
Ash: Yup!
Ash: My character is a huge Pokémon fan. So he has a lot of Pokémon merchandise.
GM: Alright, cool! So you're standing in your room.
Ash: Okay! I grab my sword and-
GM: Sword? What sword? You don't have a sword.
Ash: Oh, are trainers proficient in crossbows?
GM: You don't have ANY weapons. Trainers don't fight.
Ash: What DO I have?
GM: Let's say... An Electrode figurine.
Ash: *sigh* Okay, I hold that up.
GM: Your mom walks in, holding a clock.
Ash: Great! Mom!
Ash: Can I have a sword for my birthday?
Delia (GM): It's 11 o' clock. Your favorite program is starting.
sfx: CLICK! (Delia turns on the TV.)
Ash: What is it?
GM: It's a show where Professor... um, Oak talks about Pokémon.
Ash: Which Pokémon?
GM: Uh... Bulbasaur...
GM: ...Charmander...
GM: And Squirtle.
Delia (GM): Remember, you'll be choosing from one of those tomorrow to be your partner! So pay close attention and go to sleep as soon as it goes off.
Ash: Whatever mom.
Ash: Why don't any of them have swords?

Reader Comments

So....he'd want Honedge as a starter a take it? :P
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Welcome back, Kevin.

So, as you and the GM will learn throughout this comic, Adam set up his sheet for a typical Pathfinder fighter. Something he'll be regretting.

Ash: So does anything happen overnight?
GM: That depends. What's your Perception modifier?
Ash: Uh... -1?
sfx: CRASH! (The alarm clock hits the floor and shatters.)
GM: Hmmm... *scribble*
Ash: What?!
GM: Nothing!
Kevin: Uh oh.
sfx: DODRIO! (A Dodrio crows.)
GM: You hear a Dodrio crowing, which means it's noon.
Ash: Noon?! Why didn't my alarm go off?
Kevin: It broke. But you didn't hear it, because your Perception is so low.
Ash: Oh.
Ash: I start running for the lab.
GM: It'll take you awhile to get there...
Kevin: How far away is it?
GM: Uh... Well...
GM: Let's just say he's arrived.
GM: There's a large crowd outside.
Ash: Aww, they're going to take all the ones with swords!

Reader Comments

Okay, so the new picture size is NOT better. Lesson learned.
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The "Villainous" Gary Oak
The point of this comic is to show the Pokémon anime if it were a roleplaying game instead of, well, an anime. (Which also means Pokémon doesn't exist, much like with Darths & Droids.) So obviously, a large portion of the main cast is going to be portrayed as players in this big roleplaying game. We know Ash is, and maybe this gives you an idea of who else.

That's the goal, anyway.

GM: They aren't here for the Pokémon. They're crowded around someone.
Ash: Oh. I push my way through.
GM: You run into the guy. Roll acrobatics to regain your balance.
Ash: 4.
sfx: CRASH! (Ash slams into Gary.)
Kevin: Ouch.
GM: You fall over.
sfx: BONK. (Ash hits the ground.)
Ash: I think this game hates me.
Kevin: Or the gamemaster.
Gary (GM): Watch where you're going, jerk!
GM: You recognize him as Gary Oak, grandson of Professor Oak.
Ash: Cool!
GM: And local bully.
Kevin: Not cool.
Gary (GM): Oh, it's that loser Ash Ketchum. About time you showed up.
GM: He addresses the crowd.
Gary (GM): Don't worry folks. When I become Pokémon Champion, losers like Ash Ketchum will be banned, or my name isn't Gary Oak!
Cheerleaders (GM): Goooo Gary! Yaaay!
Kevin: And people still like him?
Ash: I knew I should've taken better Charisma.
GM: He climbs into a sports car and they drive away.
GM: With the crowd close behind.
Kevin: So wait, THAT'S the villain?
GM: Um... Kind of.
Kevin: He's not very villainous. Surely there's a better way to have a villain in this.
Ash: Who cares?! I'm going to get a Pokémon and show him who's the REAL loser.
Kevin: ...Oh boy.
Ash's First Pokémon
Oh my! What could the Pokémon be?! This is such a cliffhan- ...oh wait...

Just to reiterate, Pokémon doesn't exist in this world. Which means "Poké Balls" aren't a thing.

Ash: I'll become Pokémon champion first, and then I'll ban that little s(obscured)
Prof. Oak (GM): Oh, I thought I heard someone else out here.
Kevin: Who is it this time?
GM: Professor Oak.
Ash: Finally! I need a Pokémon so that I can destroy your grandson!
Prof. Oak (GM): How nice. Follow me.
GM: He takes you up the path into his lab.
GM: Do you know what Pokémon you're starting with?
Ash: Of course!
GM: You see three Poké spheres.
Kevin: Poké spheres?
GM: It's how trainers store their Pokémon.
Kevin: But why spheres? Why not orbs? Or balls?
GM: Shhh. Adam, what is your starter Pokémon?
Ash: I pick...
Ash: ...Mew!
GM: Oka- wait, what?! Mew wasn't an option! The Poké sphere is empty. Pick something else.
Ash: Ugh. Okay, fine. I pick...
Ash: Moltres!
GM: No, no, NO! You can't pick Moltres! Empty sphere, try again.
Ash: This is so unfair. Alright. I pick...
GM: Before you say it, you cannot pick Mewtwo, Zapdos, Articuno, Dragonite, Dratini, or Dragonair either.
Ash: What?! Then what can I pick?!
GM: Did you even read the list of starter possibilities?!
Ash: Yes.
Ash: Well... I skimmed it.
GM: That's it. I'm choosing for you. Professor Oak pulls out one extra Poké sphere and gives it to you.
Ash: What is it?
GM: You'll see.
GM: When you open it, lights start flashing.
sfx: BZZZT!!!
Kevin: Whoa, cool strobe light!
GM: Thanks.
Pika Pika!
Professor Oak makes some weird faces in this scene... Makes screencaps hard.

On the other hand, his "Shocking, isn't it?" was pure gold. I had to use it.

Just to be clear, the gamemaster provided Adam and Mindy with a sheet listing all of the Pokémon with pictures. That's how Adam knows what Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander look like (and that they have no swords), and that's how he knows that Pikachu is cute. Kevin is using Mindy's while she's absent.

Kevin: What is it?
sfx: PIKA PIKA! (Pikachu chirps.)
GM: A Pikachu.
Ash: A Pikachu?
Ash: Hm... Oh, wow! It's so cute! Can I hug it?
Prof. Oak (GM): You can. But they sometimes have an electrifying personality. So be careful.
sfx: PIKA... (Pikachu charges up a Thunder Shock.)
Kevin: "Electrifying" personality? Is that some sort of a- oh, the strobe light again.
sfx: ...CHUUUUU! (Pikachu releases the Thunder Shock.)
GM: Pikachu electrocutes you. Take 1d6 non-lethal.
Prof. Oak (GM): Shocking, isn't it?
sfx: BZZZT!
Ash: Hi-laaaaar-ious.
GM: Professor Oak hands you a Pokémon Index, which allows you to find out more about a Pokémon, and a handful of Poké Spheres.
sfx: PIKA... (Pikachu begins charging again.)
Ash: Great, thanks.
GM: Pikachu shocks you again as you touch Oak. Take 1d6 non-lethal again.
sfx: ...CHUUU!!
sfx: BZZZZT!
Ash: I hate you.
GM: When you go outside, you see a small crowd cheering.
sfx: MILD CHEERING. (Ash's friends and family cheer for him.)
Ash: Like Gary's?
GM: Like your mom and ten other people pounding on pots.
sfx: BOOM BOOM BOOM. (Ash's friends and family pound on pots.)
Ash: Of course.
Delia (GM): Oh honey, I can't believe you got your first Pokémon! What is it?
Ash: A murderous Pikachu.
Delia (GM): Oh, how cute!
Ash: Not cute, mom. Murderous.