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Pop Culture's Kids
...And You're Not

Pop Culture's Kids

Starting from Comic #160: ...And You're Not
What Do You MEAN It's Not Still 1974?
Please Pass the Mustard Dept.
Otherwise known as "When I'm 164".
Entertorials - prologue
You know how, going into August, shows like "Live with Kelly" and "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" go into reruns and new shows taped much earlier? Or newspaper strips like Non Sequitur do reruns for more than a week?

Well, this will be my version: the kids reading this book which contains these type of editorial cartoons which are actually stuff I drew in the last couple decades or so, unpublished. The use of the entertainment and pop culture themed ones makes the most sense in-universe.

Plus, it'll help me replenish my PCK backlog, which currently contains mainly school-themed strips and material needing more strips on a theme.