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Christmastime 2014

Pop Culture's Kids

Starting from Comic #708: Christmastime 2014
Christmastime 2014
New comic/cartoon next week, before New Year's Eve.

Coming up... first cartoon drawn in 2015!
A Long Time Gone
Title of an ELO song.
New Year's "Sign": New Year, Old Show
The pre-coloring version of my annual New Year's "sign", a cartoon put up at my place at the stroke of midnight until after New Year's Day (the old one, for 2014, put up until then tonight). I liked how it looked without the coloring post-photocopy, so I put it up here until my official "first cartoon of the year", which I will post on Friday.
First Cartoon of 2015!
Finally, 2015's edition of my New Year's tradition. The 37th annual one!