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Ping-Pong, or Just Pong?

Pop Culture's Kids

Starting from Comic #997: Ping-Pong, or Just Pong?
Election Day 2016
Election results cartoon up as soon as possible, possibly tonight.

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and so funny too because it is TRUE!

the shock, the fear, the sadness...

the irrationally conflated bubble of fantasy so gloriously burst by reality.

you really captured it.

nice work.
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Great timing for a milestone, huh?

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the best.
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Back to the usual Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.
How Does Lewis Black Do It?

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he's not a white supremist, he's just a white GUY.

well you're half right: the democratic party ABANDONED the white working class people of the country.

that's right! BINGO!

he's not a racist.

that's exactly the kind of unreasoning insults that pushed swing voters to vote for him in the first place, so by all means, keep at it!
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