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Sean & Bailey
The End
Sean & Bailey page 292

Sean & Bailey

Starting from Comic #292: Sean & Bailey page 292
Sean & Bailey page 292
Aaaand that's a wrap for Sean & Bailey.

Thanks to everyone for reading, especially MadJak91 who kept commenting every single week, and ShaRose49 who came along towards the end and has also been a loyal reader/commenter/friend :)

I have no idea what I'm gonna do after this. I have some vague ideas for possible stories but nothing is set in stone yet. It's very likely that I'll continue to create comics so that I can apply the lessons I've learned throughout this experience - just don't expect anything too soon, as I am a very slow writer :P

If you have any lingering questions or whatnot, don't hesitate to ask. Hope you enjoyed the ride!

EDIT 26 May 2022 - I have launched a new comic!

Reader Comments

Awww! 😭😭😭 what a great ending!! I’m sad it’s over, but that was honestly a pretty big story, sometime I should read it again and give it a review or something. You did a great job Kev!!

And don’t mention it, it was my privilege to read through this and chat with you, thanks for all your fun comments and tweets as well! Sometime I wanna try colouring some pivotal scenes from this to see what they’d look like, (with your permission of course). I definitely need to draw my titular duo with yours sometime too!
Real good story, very DBZ inspired. I hope your next comic stays in this world.
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