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The Secret Report
The root of all evil
Scared? Not anymore!

The Secret Report

Starting from Comic #48: Scared? Not anymore!
Scared? Not anymore!
So yeah, the story continues! I don't really have anything more to say, so I will just let you know that I'll see you on Friday!
That bloody mess
If you click that TWC banner just above this comment, you will be able to vote for the comic on Top Webcomics! Please do so, it's important to me that it reaches as many people as possible. New chapter on Monday!
Calling Irioth names
Was that really necessary, Jake?
You will what, exactly?
I don't see any purple fat cats there, Jake.

Also, please vote for the comic on TWC (link above this comment). It's really important to me for this comic to get to top 25. Thanks in advance!
Sorry it took so long
I apologize for the delay, the power went off and that combined with shading made me miss the deadline. See you on Monday and please vote for the comic on TWC! (link above)
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