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The Secret Report
The Truth
Take me to your leader

The Secret Report

Starting from Comic #85: Take me to your leader
Take me to your leader
Looks like Birvoth finally noticed that an ordinary primitive human isn't as up to speed as he is, hehe.

Tried a new way of painting and a new brush with this one, took a bit longer than my usual method, but I think the result is worth it. See you on Monday!
I'll be holding a live drawing session for my comic tomorrow on my Youtube channel. Subscribe to it in order to not miss it.
Some explanations later
Yeah, I wonder what exactly you thought would happen, Birvoth.
Anyway, good news, the entire week will be in color! Not sure if I will keep it up, this is a test if I manage to, but if I do, this comic will be fully in color, yay!
Please get up
Soria, you worry too much.
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