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The Secret Report
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Why they have to be so difficult?

The Secret Report

Starting from Comic #104: Why they have to be so difficult?
Why they have to be so difficult?
Humans are a little slow.
Sorry for the delay, got sidetracked. I don't have a good excuse here, sorry.

Anyway, Soria is lucky to have such a good friend as Birvoth, isn't she?
So tiresome...
Late again. This time I got a good excuse though, I was feeling really bad all weekend and barely could keep my eyes open. Had to actually force myself to go and draw this. Might be coming down with something.

Also keep in mind that Wednesday's comic will be the last one for this year. Why? See my Youtube channel as I have some quite ambitious event there.
Anger a dragon, get exposition dump
Shut up, Jake. You're not an angel either.

That's the last comic this year! Please come back on Monday, January 2nd for the exciting conclusion to this chapter!
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