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The Secret Report
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Let's go home

The Secret Report

Starting from Comic #118: Let's go home
Let's go home
And this is the end of the chapter 6! New chapter starts on Friday!

Also I am running a little experiment here. Which art style do you think looks better? The one in panel 1 or panel 3? To help you decide, I've uploaded a textless version here. Please tell me in the comments down below, as well as any additional feedback.

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The first, just for brightness.
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Ding Dong!
Because I didn't get meaningful protests about the new art style, I've decided to continue using it for this comic.

Also I may get a job soon, which may mean that I would have to put the comic on hiatus or irregular updates. Will tell you if that will be the case. There will be at the very least comic on Monday though.
Good morning to you too.
Who's that? And Jake's being a jerk again.
Gimme that!
Hmm... that's odd. Why would that guy have Jake's hat? Do you know? Tell me in the comments!
Don't lie to me
Geez, PTSD much, Jake? I guess after what he went through the day before (on account of him being a jerk, mind you) he has the right to fear the dragons, lol.
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