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Steamroller Man
Issue Three
Issue Three, Page Ten

Steamroller Man

Starting from Comic #95: Issue Three, Page Ten
Issue Three, Page Ten
I don’t have too much to say about a page that’s a single image, but I am very happy with how this page looks. I think it’s one of my best illustrations of Steamroller Man to date. When this is printed, this page will be on the left side of the comic, which means this will be the image that the reader reveals when they turn the page. When laying out my comic, since I'm eventually going to print it, I'm always mindful of whether a page is on the left or on the right. I want to use all the tools available to enhance the reader’s experience, and the Page Turn Reveal is a particularly effective one. This moment was originally conceived as the final panel on the previous page, but I changed it to a full page single image to give it more impact.

I did two versions of this page, one with the standard “face front, arms up” logo on his chest, and the other which you see here, which uses a gag I’ve now done a couple of times before in the comic - that of having the logo mirror the Steamroller Man’s pose in the panel. For a page that is basically a pinup image, it was a way to get some kind of a gag in there. The reason I like the logo gag is because it’s a visual that is pure comics. When I start to think about how it would work if this was a moving image, it starts to break my brain. I colored the version with the standard chest logo and am using that as the cover image for the Steamroller Man Facebook page.

Speaking of which, the Steamroller Man Facebook page just passed 700 followers, which is amazing and humbling! To celebrate, I’m doing an art raffle! The prize will be an original piece of Steamroller Man, art around 8.5 x 11 inches. Anyone who signs up for my mailing list before March 31st, 2023 will be entered to win! If you’re interested, click on the “MAILING LIST” tab in the menu bar at the top of this page!

Thanks for reading, as always. I truly appreciate everyone who has chosen to subscribe, comment, like and follow. That stuff is like rocket fuel to creators, so if there’s a comic or creator whose work you like, let ‘em know!

You can go to my LinkTree to find links to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’ve also joined Mastodon and Hive but have not been posting at either one too much so far.

Stay safe and keep rolling, everyone!

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lol the visual gag is so good
I'm sitting here grinning as I think about the relative physics of marshmallows and steamrollers... :)

Fantastic visual, and can't wait to see what happens next!
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