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Prologue and Chapter 1: Promises
Page 1 (Cover)

Step By Step By Step

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Page 1 (Cover)
Nuzlocke Rules:
1. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and is to be placed in a box or released.
2.Only the first pokemon on each route can be caught
2A. No Dupes Clause: If you encounter a pokemon you have already caught, you may try again until you get a new species. (This
counts for members of it's evolution line too.)
2B. Gift Clause: Any pokemon gifted to you is allowed and considered a separate capture from your one on that route.
3. You must nickname every pokemon you catch.
4. Elite Practice Clause: Once you start a gym, you cannot leave until it's completed.
5 Anti Grind: The pokemon you use in a gym cannot be more than 5 levels above the Gym leader's highest pokemon.
6. Item Cap: No more than 9 of any healing items
Page 2
And we start in fire and blood. God how did I not realize how edgy this seems...
Page 3
Time for some friends(?)

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whewlad, bloody goopy blobs, now that's what I call Traumaâ„¢
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Page 4
Seems no one told them to keep their hands to themselves >:/
Page 6
Well that didn't last long. RIP Nuzlocke protag. It was nice knowing you.