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Starting from Comic #1: Pilot
You didn't think it wouldn't be a slice of life, did you? Nahhhhh

Prologue time!
A bit of a night update, but here we start, with the cover and the introduction of Sunny!
Getting the Boot
Mid-July/early August and lucking out with a horrid ex-landlady?
Sunny has her work cut out for her!
Persona Non Grata
Ah, don't you just love the dissonance of your friends talking about fandom stuff while you're getting kicked out?

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Love the justaxposition of lovely, lighthearted fandom comments happening at the same time as the implied dark turn of events that Sunny is going through
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Lonely Among People
Beautiful landscape, awfully lonely for Sunny :(

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Watching trailers at sunset while your life falls apart
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Theme Song
Nothing like music to soothe the soul...

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sing your fear away, they say
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