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The Book of Three
Chapter 16 page 7

The Book of Three

Starting from Comic #252: Chapter 16 page 7
Chapter 16 page 7

(bonus if you heard that in the tune from Kenny Loggin's The Last Unicorn.)

Sorry, folks. I never intended to be gone for five months when I took my last break, and unfortunately I can't even promise I won't disappear again shortly; confluence of circumstances are making it difficult to get any hobby art done, but I'll do what I can, and thank you all for continuing to prod and let me know you're patiently waiting. I can't believe the length of the comment section on the last page!

This one was a fun intro back into this magic. And pro-tip: if you ever find yourself needing to draw otherworldly-looking fungi, don't waste time trying to make it up. Just google it, because you cannot out-weird nature in this department.

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Welcome back!
OMG How pretty! The colors are amazing, just glowing with light. I hope you add some of the story from "Sunrise" here, LOL. Hey they changed the comment section while we were gone, looks a little more sophisticated now... ;-)

So happy you did this!!!
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