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The Book of Three
Chapter 16 page 15

The Book of Three

Starting from Comic #259: Chapter 16 page 15
Chapter 16 page 15
I love Doli's implied assertion that only idiots don't know that holding your breath is how you turn invisible. Like, duh, you morons.

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Welcome back!
Once again, excellent work! Ahh, good old Doli, he's one of my favorites along with Fflewddur Fflam and Gurgi... And of course Taran. Heck, I'm hard-pressed to find a character I dislike. It's like that with LOTR, too, both books are exceptionally well-written.
Oh, one literary to another, do you know of any agent looking for fantasy works? I do apologize, I really came here to congratulate you for a job well done yet again. Thank you so much for this wonderful comic, and God bless you!
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