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The Book of Three
Chapter Sixteen, page 17

The Book of Three

Starting from Comic #261: Chapter Sixteen, page 17
Chapter Sixteen, page 17
Lloyd calls all their advice to Doli "well-meaning", but Eilonwy's line has always struck me as particularly ill-timed. Besides how unhelpful it is to tell someone they are dumb for being upset about something, why would she specifically use a simile about someone's height when dealing with a grumpy dwarf? I think she's being deliberately insulting because she's so done with his drama. Not her best moment, but hey, we all have our arcs.

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Oh the last panel is just STUNNING
Ouch, Taran's face in the second frame. I don't think I'd ever thought about it the way you have here, but now I think you're absolutely right. Putting the previous page together with this one, in which we go from Taran trying to reach out to Doli and it almost appears that they might reach some sort of detante — and then to have Eilonwy holler from the background like those two old Muppets in the theater or something — harsh!!

In other words, perfectly put together, as usual.
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