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The Book of Three
The Fledgling
Chapter Seventeen, page 3

The Book of Three

Starting from Comic #266: Chapter Seventeen, page 3
Chapter Seventeen, page 3
Your eyes deceive you not! TWO updates in two weeks! I don't remember the last time this happened.

My burnout-talk last week was partially prompted by stress from feeling like I've piled too much on my plate. I recently started working outside the home again, and losing 30 hours a week to a job while also juggling a lot of projects felt overhwhelming.

But I realized this week that I am, in fact, now free to turn down, among other things, commission work, which in all honesty I don't love doing but always feel obligated to because it makes $$. Now that I have a steady income again, I don't have to listen to the little voice telling me I should take on everything requested of me, and I told it "no" this week, and I don't feel guilty about it.

The truth is I find fanwork ten times more fulfilling than commission work and even sometimes full-on pro, published work, and when I have too much of the latter two and can't give time to the first, I get into a nasty rut and have trouble climbing out of it. One of the reasons the last page was messy is that I had spent most of my creative hours last week on somebody else's passion, and I didn't have much energy left for mine.

For this page I returned to a crisper inking style I haven't used in a while, to shake myself out of the laziness and fall in love with faces again, and I ditched the "thornbush" brush, which I didn't love as much as I thought I would, to return to a painterly depiction of the thicket. I love this scene; it's one of Taran's first truly fine moments. Though I don't feel quite back on game, yet, I like how this page came out much better than the previous (though I am grateful for all of your gracious and non-critical praise - I know some of the things I get picky over are barely noticeable to most, but they still bug me). Look at my boy in his Big Hero posing. He's so gorgeous here. <3

Reader Comments

Love these panels, and this is probably the scene where I really started to root for Taran. I loved this aspect of his character and as we know it would have far-reaching implications down the line.
I'm glad you're back for real! And the angles really emphasize the character dynamic there.
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