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The Recruit
Chapter 2 - A Day at Braeden Stronghold
Newfound Confidence

The Recruit

Starting from Comic #15: Newfound Confidence
Newfound Confidence
This webcomic is not discontinued. However, about 11 months ago I did lose all my material due to some computer trouble. Right now I just can't find the motivation to piece it back together again, but I hope to finish it one day in the future. I still have the story in my head the way I want it, for the most part. So, it's on hiatus. It might be a very long hiatus, but it will not die permanently (This edit made on: 9/7/14).

Where did all that confidence come from?? One second Hal is crying in a bathroom stall, the next he's gasping for air as he climbs hundreds of stairs, and then the next he's making snappy comebacks at the intimidating head honcho of combat expertise.

Reader Comments

I suppose it is a little unexpected but thsan again I read everything before this in one seating so I might have a different view from your others readers that got the comic slower. That said I don't think it is totally unreasonable. He was in shock about an unexpected change to his form (something new I am sure) while dealing with bullies he has already alluded but haven't given any indication how mature he was with dealing with them. This page gets into that I think possibly.
Just relook over the comic thus far offering comments where I thought fitting. Again ya use facial expressions well ;)
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