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The Wide Ocean
Arc 2
The Wide Ocean - PAGE 200!!!

The Wide Ocean

Starting from Comic #200: The Wide Ocean - PAGE 200!!!
The Wide Ocean - PAGE 200!!!
Thus ends chapter 2 of The Wide Ocean, where one character is thrown to the wind to fend for herself, and the other must face her mother trying to get more involved in her life.

But you'll have to wait a while until Chapter 3 starts happening. I'm taking next week off to prepare some things, so two weeks from today, The Wide Ocean Arc 3 begins!

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Take care! Your fans will be right here.
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The Wide Ocean - Page 201
Welcome back! Let's check up on Zahrah, hmm? Looks like she's not doing so well!

And now, with my week-long vacation over (though it feels longer), we return to the story, but you may have noticed a new change! Yes, I've altered the dimensions of the page; it's now sitting at a ratio of 5 to 8. This is actually the fullest dimensions the website Webtoon can support! Why have I done this? Because I'm uploading the archive onto Webtoon, one day and one page at a time. They'll catch up with us in about.... autumn, I figure. They're welcome to read The Wide Ocean over here, as I am going to keep Comicfury as the main hosting website.

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Welcome back!
Just started reading. About 50 pages through. Looking great so far!
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The Wide Ocean - Page 202
No, Mom, they're not pirates!
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