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Something Stupid This Way Comes

Something Stupid This Way Comes

Starting from Comic #1: Introduction
Oh man, it's the first one, you guys!

When I find a new comic, I ALWAYS forget to check if it has alt text...
I'm about to throw a lot of characters at you, but don't worry- I'm only trying to introduce Rayon and Frg.

(Also Sara, the lady in the last panel.)

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hmm yes let us crash right into it shall we yes indeed
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Normal and Well Adjusted - COVER
Whoa! Two pages today!

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He was gonna teach his uncle a lesson lol.
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I got a Babel fish, so these pages are translated from their native Glorp! Hooray!

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Yay! You finally replaced your dead one!

Also, it's clear now that Frg isn't as fluent in Glorp as he would like people to think. Heh.
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hmm this should be compounded errors past present future, surely something stupid :)
That is an awesome idea and I almost wouldn’t call it cheating
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