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To Boldly Roleplay
The Corbomite Maneuver
In Search of Fun

To Boldly Roleplay

Starting from Comic #62: In Search of Fun
In Search of Fun
I have got to stop putting up comics half an hour late.

This episode really does drag in places. It's the opposite of the previous two, in that they got less boring when viewed moment by moment- it gave me time to appreciate the little details about them. This episode has its moments, but there's a lot of just waiting in space, too.

07/2/14 EDIT: Oh gosh, when I said I didn't want to post comics late, I didn't think that would entail not posting any comics at all. Terrance is going to be so sad. ;_;

The comic will resume Thursday. I'm going to seriously consider an easier update schedule- but not until we finish this episode, because I really, really want to get to more interesting episodes.

Edit as of 7/19/14: Well, it happened. I completely and utterly ran out of steam.

Sorry, everybody. I don't really know how it happened, but I lost the will to make this thing. I might start it up again in the future, but not right now. If I do, it'll have to be because I genuinely want to, and I have no idea whether that's going to happen. As such, the comic is now on indefinite hiatus. It was fun while it lasted, you guys were great, and I'm really sorry that it fell apart.

Goodbye, everybody.

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And idea?

At last some leadership from the role player-captain.
I think there are few things worse as a GM than to know that your players are bored.
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